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John R. Bradford, III

For North Carolina State Treasurer

My top 3 priorities as North Carolina's State Treasurer are:

1) Maintain North Carolina’s AAA bond rating.

      John Bradford will continue his work in the House as a fiscal conservative with responsible management of the state bond program. Ensuring NC maintains its AAA bond rating while making more money available for public education, roads, and other vital government

2) Initiate an entrepreneurial leadership program for high schools.

      Start an entrepreneur leadership program that provides teaching, mentorship, and training. This program will give our students an edge when starting their businesses or entering the

3) Maintain the integrity and health of the state pension plan.

      Make intelligent investments that will maintain the health and integrity of the plan and continue to grow the state pension plan. This will ensure that state employees who have earned their pension will be rewarded for all the hard work they gave to North Carolina.

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