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In 1-minute or less you can get to know me on a personal level, better understand the issues where I made a positive difference, and listen to the various stakeholders that support my re-election efforts.


Your time is very valuable so I hope you will give me just

under- a -minute to help me Win-it! 

Under A Minute Let's Win-It Spotlight Video

Imbalance of Representation
The right priorities for all of us.
Huntersville Mayor Pro Tem Stacy Phillips
Dr. Jack Faircloth, local medical doctor & COVID-19 expert
Captain Matt Sellers, cancer survivor & firefighter
Deborah Bell, animal advocate & LKN Cover Dog Founder
Davidson Community Players
Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics Center
Town of Huntersville
Military Pensions Are Tax Free
Firefighter Cancer Health Care Coverage
Town of Davidson Pedestrian Safety
Support Teacher Pay
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