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 It’s Back to School! While serving in the NC House, John Bradford voted for teacher pay raises every year.


John supports public education and helped sponsor more than 10 high school Juniors and Seniors from right here in District 98 to serve as NC House Pages. The NCGA House Page Program is a great opportunity for high school students ages 15-18 to observe firsthand how laws are made and learn about the legislative process of our state.


Please listen to Jacob, a former area high school student and NC House Page from District 98, as he talks about his personal experience in this “1-Minute To Win-It” video. 


Please show your support of our public education system and our teachers by supporting John Bradford.

Remember on November 3rd, vote John R. Bradford, III.


 #ElectBradford   #TeacherRaisesEveryYear    #NCHouseDistrict98 

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